The home of Carnival, colorful beads, exotic masks and the rhythms of life, full of warm colors and designs that sizzle and the birthplace of some of the most price competitive tiles in the Global TILE ONEproduct line.

the Tiles of Brazil
Tiles of Brazil

Brazil is a South America giant, with the world’s eigth-largest economy. Its ceramics tile industry is the fourth in the world, with technology and design development at Italian and Spanish levels.

Anfacer, the National Association of Brazilian Manufacturers of Ceramic Tile, announced that Brazil was getting more competitive day by day. The United States market is the most important target for the Brazilian exports of Ceramic Tile. A national campaign to introduce more Brazilian tiles to the American Market is underway.

“We have modern factories, high quality and competitive prices.  Moreover, Brazilians know the American taste for ceramic tiles and are developing special products and peculiar tones for this increasing market.” -Luis Lanzi, President of Anfacer

Brazil is a country of mixed cultures and tastes.  With five heterogeneous regions, Brazil is a country with diverse and deep-rooted ceramic and artistic tradition. Marajoara ceramic pottery is a good example of genuine Brazilian way to deal with ceramic tile.  Brazilian companies produce a large variety of textures, shapes and models of ceramic tile - mosaics, large formats, irregular finishes with a great variety of colors from fundamental to lively.

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